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The Municipal Agriculture Bureau visited Sentaiyuan for an inspection

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The Deputy Director Of The Municipal Agriculture Bureau And The Director Of The County Agriculture Bureau Visited Our Company.

On the morning of June 6, 2022, the deputy director of the Municipal Agriculture Bureau and the director of the County Agriculture Bureau came to inspect the progress of Sentaiyuan’s new construction project “Science and Technology Small Courtyard”. and put forward some specific suggestions.

The general manager of the company introduced: “The small science and technology institute is the first konjac science and technology institute established in the national konjac industry.

Visited Sentaiyuan
Agricultural Bureau leaders Visited Sentaiyuan

It builds a platform for government, industry, academia, and research, cultivates the practical ability of agricultural graduate students, encourages the writing of papers on the ground, and serves the depth of science technology, and economy.

Integrate, carry out technical training, form a scientific and technological demonstration base for new varieties and new technologies of konjac, mobilize scientific and technological resources of konjac, and serve “agriculture, rural areas, and farmers” to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, improve the planting level of local taro farmers, and promote the development of konjac characteristic industries in Muchuan County.

Visited Sentaiyuan
Agricultural Bureau leaders Visited Sentaiyuan

Drive local economic development and comprehensively improve the level of small science and technology institutes serving characteristic and beneficial agriculture.

At present, the small science and technology institute has built an expert office building with a total area of about 700m, with expert offices, laboratories, a science and technology library, multimedia training room experts Living room, etc., and a konjac demonstration base is built.”

The Konjac Science and Technology Demonstration Park is the core project for our county to build a national-level grain and oil + konjac modern agricultural industrial park.

Visited Sentaiyuan
Agricultural Bureau leaders Visited Sentaiyuan

Southwest University is entrusted with planning and design, and the main construction is Sichuan Sentiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and the People’s Government of Muxi Town.

Established the Chengdu-Chongqing Shuangcheng Economic Circle Konjac R&D Center and Konjac Expert Workstation, and made every effort to build a three-industry integration demonstration benchmark integrating konjac planting, variety display, technology demonstration, high-quality processing, and leisure tourism.

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