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Konjac Planting “Magic” Power To Help Farmers Increase Income

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Konjac Planting Enjoys A Bumper Harvest And Has Magic Power To Help Farmers Increase Their Income

Recently, Konjac has entered the harvest season. In the Konjac planting base of China Konjac Science and Technology Demonstration Park, the villagers seize the sunny weather and hurry to pick dig, and clean Konja, presenting a busy harvest scene.

The villagers were filled with the joy of harvest when they saw one big Konja being dug out of the ground.

Konjac Planting Harvest
Konjac Planting Harvest

“Every year after the beginning of winter, Konjac will be collected. There are ten or twenty villagers in the base every day, who can dig about 4-5 tons every day, and it is estimated that nearly 300 tons can be dug.” The person in charge of the park said.

This year, the Konjac planting base in Muchuan County covers an area of more than 20000 mu, driving the development of standardized Konjac bases in more than 10 districts and counties around.

About 4000 taro farmers plant Konjac, laying a good foundation for rural revitalization.

The base is busy with harvesting, and the Konjac Primary Processing Plant in Wuxian Village, Dibao Township is also busy.

There are endless vehicles carrying Konjac. Workers hurry up to unload the Konjac. Fresh Konjac is piled up in the yard and full power is used to process fresh Konjac.

Konjac Planting Harvest
Konjac Planting Harvest

“During this period, we have to purchase 60 or 70 tons of konjac every day. This is our pearl sprout yellow konjac, which has the characteristics of high output and good quality. At present, it is vigorously promoted in the county. Now, the processing capacity is large. We implement three shifts and 24-hour continuous production, and can process about 80 tons of fresh konjac every day.” Liu Yuhong, director of the Konjac processing workshop of Sichuan Sentaiyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., said.

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