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Konjac Demonstration Park construction progressing orderly

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The Konjac Product Science and Technology Demonstration Park is the core project of the national-level “grain and oil + konjac” modern agricultural industrial park in Muchuan County. Since mid-February, the construction of the project has been fully resumed, and various projects in the park are advancing in an orderly manner.

At the entrance of the Konjac Product Science and Technology Demonstration Park located in Songlin Village, Muxi Town, excavators, crushers, transport vehicles, etc. are working non-stop, making every effort to open up the last section of the park entrance road.

Lin Dakun, the person in charge of the Konjac Product Science and Technology Demonstration Park project, said that in order to speed up the progress of the road construction project in the park, the company invested a total of 10 machines such as excavators, road rollers, loaders, cars, etc., to ensure quality and quantity, and work overtime to promote the progress of the project. At present, the roadbed project has entered the last node.

Konjac Product Science Park

The starting point of the road in the Konjac Product Science and Technology Demonstration Park is National Highway 213, with a total length of 1.962 kilometers. The width of the entrance section of the park is 8 meters, and the width of the main road in the park is 5.5 meters. The reporter came to the core area along the road of the park and saw that all kinds of machines and workers were taking advantage of the fine weather to speed up the construction. The core area of more than 20 acres is a busy construction scene.

Konjac Product Science Park

“Our current location is the core area of the entire park, and the construction area is Konjac Bay (landscape), with two technology smart greenhouses above and an industrial service center on the opposite side, which is a collection of Internet smart agriculture, agricultural technology facilities and The complex integrating agriculture and tourism will eventually become a model area for the deep integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries,” said Wang Qiang, deputy mayor of Muxi Town.

Konjac Product Science Park

The Konjac Product Science and Technology Demonstration Park covers an area of 600 mu and has a total investment of 94.63 million yuan. It integrates variety display, improved seed breeding, and technology demonstration, and integrates modern agriculture such as big data, Internet of Things, smart agriculture, green prevention and control, agricultural product traceability, and water and fertilizer integration. elements, supporting agricultural tourism infrastructure.

It is understood that the landscaping project in the park has completed the casting of gates and dams, the Konjac intelligent greenhouse has entered the stage of column installation, the main road of the park has been paved with water-stable layers, and the industrial comprehensive service center, park foundation and power communication and other supporting facilities are advancing simultaneously. The project is expected to be completed in July this year.

After the Konjac Product Science and Technology Demonstration Park is completed, it will become the display window of the konjac industry in Muchuan County, an incubator for the transformation of modern agricultural scientific and technological achievements, and an expo park for konjac information, technology, and varieties.

It can realize the effective connection between the consolidation of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. Since entering the “14th Five-Year Plan”, Muchuan County has established konjac as one of the “three major” advantageous and characteristic industries in agriculture. The county has an existing konjac base of 3,000 mu. In 2021, it was awarded the “Hometown of Konjac in China” by the Konjac Association of the Chinese Horticultural Society.

Konjac Product Science Park

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