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The 2nd “Konjac King” Competition in Muchuan County in 2023

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Recently, in 2023 Muchuan County, the second session of the “Konjac King” competition in China Konjac Science and Technology demonstration park was successfully held.

Konjac King competition
Konjac King competition

The competition promotes the flourishing development of the Konjac industry in Muchuan, promotes the exchange and enhancement of Konjac planting technology, and further strengthens the Muchuan Konjac’s gold standard.

Since the preparation of the contest, it has attracted the county’s nearly 30 konjac growers and related units of wide concern.

After intense competition, from all over the county the 37 participating konjac on the same stage, showing the excellent quality of their own.

Konjac King competition

The samples covered different varieties, and different growing conditions of konjac, fully demonstrating the rich diversity and development potential of Muchuan konjac characteristics of the industry.

Among the many outstanding konjac, from the Muchuan Gensang family farm Deng Tao selected 18.79 kg of konjac through the rigorous evaluation of the professional judges, and won the “konjac king” competition first prize.

This achievement not only highlights the strength and level of Muchuan County in the field of konjac cultivation but also the development of Muchuan konjac characteristics of the industry has won honor and affirmation.

Konjac King competition
Konjac King competition

Muchuan County Konjac Association will continue to be guided by scientific layout, large-scale planting, standardized production, industrialized operation, and constantly optimizing the structure of the Konjac industry, improving product quality and market competitiveness.

At the same time, actively explore new ways of deep processing and comprehensive utilization of konjac, extend the industrial chain, improve added value, and contribute to the cause of rural revitalization.

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